Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs)

Low Noise Amplifiers Over 250 Units delivered to date

  • L, S, Ku – FSS, Ku – BSS and Ka Bands
  • Fixed or Command-able gain options
  • Space Qualified with On-Orbit Heritage
  • Over 250 units delivered to date: LNAs in L, S, Ku – FSS, Ku – BSS and Ka Bands
  • Example Heritage Programs: TDRS K, L, M, Eutelsat, MUOS, AMOS-6, Hylas-3
  • Custom LNAs in any band including L, S, C, X, Ku, Ka can be provided; typically in under twelve months including all development and qualification.


These units are qualified for all major satellite bus electrical and environmental interfaces, including Astrium, Boeing 601 and 702, IAI, Lockheed A2100, Loral, and Orbital GEOStar. Bus Voltages from 30V to 100V, and all T&C interfaces are qualified.