Beacons and Oscillators

  • Master Local Oscillators (MLOs, Reference Generators)
  • Master Reference Oscillators (MROs)
  • Beacons – Ku and Ka Bands

Substantial Catalog of existing qualified products provide on-orbit Heritage and fast assured delivery; 700 MHz to 46 GHz. Single or Internally Redundant Assemblies All Major OEM Bus Interfaces for prime power and T&C Space Qualified with On-Orbit Heritage 700 MHz to 46 GHz, 10 MHz to 100 MHz (typical) 7 GHz to 31 GHz

These units are qualified for all major satellite bus electrical and environmental interfaces, including Astrium, Boeing 601 and 702, IAI, Lockheed A2100, Loral, and Orbital GEOStar. Bus Voltages from 30V to 100V, and all T&C interfaces.

Example Heritage Programs:   Intelsat-14, Viasat-1, HNS, ATMS, Amazonas-3, TDRS K, L, M, Inmarsat-5, AMOS-6, Hylas-3